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2018-11-30 21:08
Could it possibly be done by Christmas?

PlushToyKingdom ( ) 12-02 21:03

Hello, we are afraid the link you give does not
work, we can not make sure what you want for the plush. Can you give us other
pictures? n_n

2018-11-13 02:56
2018-09-13 23:41
Sorry. But I have a better picture of Priscilla.
She still my fave claymore character

PlushToyKingdom ( ) 09-14 00:42

2018-09-13 20:47
I really like Molly she's just so awesome!
I would love a plush of her!

PlushToyKingdom ( ) 09-13 20:58

2018-09-13 11:16
I like Paige! she's one of my fave walking dead video game character.
I only started liking her lately.

PlushToyKingdom ( ) 09-13 20:51

2018-09-13 11:03
I would really like this character made into a plush as a claymore.
She's one of my fave claymore characters!

PlushToyKingdom ( ) 09-13 21:05

2018-09-11 12:14
Would it be possible to have this character made? She really doesn't get enough love and i would really like that to change.

PlushToyKingdom ( ) 09-11 20:50

2018-05-22 21:57

PlushToyKingdom ( ) 05-23 04:45

2018-04-17 00:18

PlushToyKingdom ( ) 04-17 04:10

2018-04-14 22:06
This is roy burns from Friday the 13th part 5 I would not like the hockey mask to be removable and could you include the garden shears. I know in 3 of the pictures the coveralls he is wearing look blue but they are actually an olive green so if you could make them that colour it would be greatly appreciated

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